More Press! 30 Second TV ad Contest Announced!

Giving Political Power to Real People

Giving Political Power to Real People

Thursday, August 07 2008

Press Release announcing National 30 Second Advertisement Contest

Here is the latest Press Release announcing the National 30 Second TV Ad contest.

Below are links to recent news coverage of this event:

Here is Mashable’s write up:

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Here is USA Today’s “On Politics” Blog:

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Official You2Gov Youtube Channel Initiated

You2Gov brings power to the People

You2Gov brings power to the People

The official You2Gov Youtube Channel was initiated today.

You2Gov will be using this channel to broadcast important updates as well as to receive incoming videos.

Look to the You2Gov channel on Youtube in the next few weeks as we announce some major initiatives.

Register for You2Gov at

You2Gov to show at NCSL

You2Gov Bringing Power to the People

You2Gov Bringing Power to the People

You2Gov CEO Alan W. Silberberg will be attending the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislators) annual meeting in New Orleans this week, and will be presenting new information to the Legislators and their staffs, as well as the Media and Press in attendance.

You2Gov is already linked to all 50 state legislatures, as well as to the U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives and is poised to provide seamless one touch communications with your elected officials at the State and Federal levels, and within weeks will be rolling out additional new features designed to make You2Gov your one stop place for all things social and political on the web.

We look forward to joining with all of the State Legislatures and the hard working people who work tirelessly in them for all of us, this week in New Orleans. Most importantly we look forward to showing these leaders from all across America, how You2Gov is quickly becoming the site to organize around issues and take action.