Gov 2.0 Leadership and Visionary Moves

Well. Here we are.

As of May 24, 2010 – “,,” are all now officially part of the History of the evolution of both the Internet and Government 2.0 The site is still up, and you will notice it up and down over next several weeks. It is not an identity crisis. It is not a retreat. It is a next step as one of the leading Gov 2.0 Companies in the United States.

Yes. It is true.

Being one of the pioneering and visionary Government 2.0 Websites in the United States and helping to unleash the Government 2.0 and Citizen 2.0 Movements is hard work. Along with being one of the principal private companies driving the innovative ideas now percolating through Capitols; State and Local, Federal and International, it is time for us to take a pause.  It is time to breathe.

We have worked tirelessly to build a citizen engagement platform. The Government loves us. The media loves us. But few people take the time to actually make use of these tools as of right now. After two years of providing cutting edge Government 2.0 capabilities – guess what happened? The Government 2.0 Community is growing. Fast. It is growing on Facebook, it is growing on Twitter, it is coming to a locality near you. But NOT necessarily as a platform. It may involve a real fabric of tools and applications; carefully woven together to increase transparency, open our governments to all of us, and stop organized corruption.

Instead of competing in a bloody red ocean over yet-to-be defined profit points – we have  decided to close the platform side of our business while focusing on other areas like further innovation and strategic consulting. Why? There is tremendous competition that is extremely well funded that is now just on the horizon, in those clouds over there. There is also amazing opportunity on the innovation, strategic consulting and multi-media aspects.

You2Gov is not going black.

Just our websites (sometimes) until the next generation of it/them appears.  That might seem counter-intuitive. But we are not focusing on this side of the Gov 2.0 equation anymore. We do have our sights focused on some other pieces that many are yet to be talking about. So instead of focusing our efforts on a platform that is now being replicated by many others in different forms, we will be addressing new areas of the Gov 2.0 and Gov 3.0 space.

Some of our highlights to now:

Being named to PC Magazine’s Best of 2008 List after only two months in existence.

Craig Newmark Taking an Interest in You2Gov’s Mission and following thru.

Rollout of Direct Democracy 3,0

Being Interviewed by Chris Dorobek and Amy Morris (several times, even with kids in tow!)

Creating the groundbreaking (and Taking Lots of Heat for it) GOV20LA

Executing on an incredible Gov20LA 2010. See all the  Long Form Videos Here.

Thanks to all who have in your own way helped to make this early part of You2Gov’s existence be such an exciting ride.

I especially want to note the following: Ralph J. Shapira, Lisa Cohen, Craig Newmark, Lewis Shepherd, Lovisa Williams, Bev Godwin, Naomi Caietti, Debra Bowen, Scott Johnson, my brother, my parents and everyone around us who support what the You2Gov platform is all about.

Sign up on the right over there —– subscribe to this blog, and learn about all of our next moves. Because – there is lots coming down the pike – and sometimes as progress and changes happen, so do unexpected movements. Innovation requires forward thinking and sometimes innovators make moves that are not clearly understood at the time, but reveal themselves as part and parcel of a larger process.

Alan W. Silberberg

Co-Founder, CEO, You2Gov, LLc.


Citizen Hunter, Flavia Colgan and You2Gov

Monday, March 9, 2009

What You2Gov means to You and the Gov

I was going to let you guys know about this great group, You2Gov, and then realized, one of its founders was a Facebook friend (and one in real life too). So I figured he would do a better job — Alan Silberberg, take it away!

When I started You2Gov with the co-founder last April, America was still getting over the possibility that “Super Delegates” might decide the Democratic side of the race. This was the catalyst for the original creation of the site. The idea that a “chosen few” would decide such a momentous thing was just too much. It went against everything we have been taught about our democratic process.

But when we started to think about what kind of Country the Founding Fathers had envisioned, it became clear that there was a much larger question: How do normal, everyday people communicate in a real way with their Elected Officials? To many of us this seems like an abstraction. Most Americans have never met any of their politicians. Some have seen them in a crowded room with lots of other people. But how many of us can honestly state that we communicate with our leaders, and that they hear us and respond?

By analyzing over a thousand websites, it became clear that in order for people to take more control of their civic lives through online advocacy, tools were needed to make that as easy as online banking, online dating or using Craigslist to sell something. I felt that by building a social network like Facebook, but devoted to the political process and civic life; more people would find themselves enabled to take control over their civic lives, maybe for the first time in their life.

When the Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia all those years ago at Independence Hall, all sides were heard from. There was honest debate, interaction. What came out of that hot July Summer were the universal frameworks for Constitutions and Declarations of Independence since copied worldwide. What has happened since? The U.S. Political System has become more and more closed off to the regular folks, the families, the taxpayers who foot the ever increasing bills. If you are a big donor – skip this sentence. But to the majority of Americans, our Government seems more and more distant.

Not anymore. Technology allows us to bring our political system back to a place where the power flows from the people, to the people, by the people as was intended. By using cutting edge social networking tools, You2Gov is now able to offer secure communications in a spam-free environment with your elected officials at the State, and Federal levels, including State House, Governors, State Constitutional Officers, Congress, The Senate and White House. Technology also allows us to bring together Legislative Tracking, C ongressional Committee Reports, other Government documents all in the same place as our Contact Your Representative custom made engine.

What has happened over the past few months? We have witnessed a massive upheaval in our Banking, Political and Business systems throughout the Country. How much of this happened because the People were not actively involved in the oversight process, thus allowing these massive failures under our collective noses. Don’t let your Government run things without your knowledge. After all, we are all shareholders of the United States. Register for free on You2Gov and become a self-empowered citizen. Let your Government hear from you. Often.

You2Gov to show at NCSL

You2Gov Bringing Power to the People

You2Gov Bringing Power to the People

You2Gov CEO Alan W. Silberberg will be attending the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislators) annual meeting in New Orleans this week, and will be presenting new information to the Legislators and their staffs, as well as the Media and Press in attendance.

You2Gov is already linked to all 50 state legislatures, as well as to the U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives and is poised to provide seamless one touch communications with your elected officials at the State and Federal levels, and within weeks will be rolling out additional new features designed to make You2Gov your one stop place for all things social and political on the web.

We look forward to joining with all of the State Legislatures and the hard working people who work tirelessly in them for all of us, this week in New Orleans. Most importantly we look forward to showing these leaders from all across America, how You2Gov is quickly becoming the site to organize around issues and take action.