Gov 2.0 L.A. Sponsorships and Tickets Available now

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting both sponsorships and ticket sales for Gov 2.0 L.A 2012, April 21, 2012. The complete list of confirmed speakers will be announced within a few weeks.

We have three levels of sponsorship, platinum, gold and silver. Individual tickets are priced at $75.00 which includes lunch and ensures an accurate head count. All sponsorship levels include some tickets and marketing and branding opportunities that vary per sponsorship levels. As in the past years, this event is user generated, both in terms of sponsorships and content. We rely on your sponsorships and ticket purchases to provide continuous live stream, HD videos and interaction from the internet before and during the event on a global scale. Gov 2.0 LA would not exist without your continued help and support.

Thank you, and use the link below to choose how many tickets or what level of sponsorship you want, and the checkout process is quite easily done.

Please go to Gov20LA and do it there:



Video Captures the Energy, Message of “Gov 2.0” LA

Wow. Totally amazing weekend. Thank you to all of the Sponsors of Gov20LA. Thank you to all the amazing speakers and panelists and citizens. You made this event so special. Thank you to all the people around the United States, England, Canada, Israel, France, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries who participated in the camp through the live videostream.

One of the key themes in this past weekend’s event was “Video is the New Text. ” Another is that the jargon and Language used in Government 2.0 “Gov 2.0” is holding us back. A third was the focus needs to be on People. Not Technology. Not Platforms. Not Data. But real (IRL) 🙂 People. The ones who agree, and the ones who disagree.

There was a lot of energy, and many comments to me were made about how smart everyone in the room was. Another take away was that most people came up to me and told me they were meeting people in the Government 2.0 “Gov 2.0” space who they had never met before.

Brevity is key.

Alan W. Silberberg, Founder, Gov20LA and Founder, CEO of Silberberg Innovations

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So With that, Luke Fretwell is one of the planning committee members of Gov20LA; a “Gov 2.0” Innovator, leader and Founder, CEO of GovFresh: He made this video:

Open Government. Direct Democracy, first in series.

This is the first of a series on Open Government and Direct Democracy.

Today I am focusing on a look at where we are as a Society with regard to creating Digital Democracies and a true participatory political environment.

There is a lot of talk on Twitter and Facebook and  lots of other social networks including this one Y2G about the recent election of President Elect Barack Obama and how he so skillfully utilized the latest social networking tools in both creating and retaining followers and in mobilizing millions of people to make “micro donations” which resulted in his record breaking fundraising.

What does this mean for Open Government, Direct Democracy and other terms of the electorate being engaged with the elected?

There are websites that allow you to track legislation and contact your elected officials in a secure manner like You2Gov, and there are others focused on creating conversation between the officials and the people they work for. In 1776 when the the United States was founded in Philadelphia during a hot summer with no air conditioning, the people came together and met face to face and heard each other out. Over the past several decades as media has coalesced into a one directional broadcast model, the interactions and dialogue have been allowed to shrink dramatically. It became a one way tunnel. Now we are taking that space back, and showing the need for open dialogue between elected and electorate.

The explosion of social media in the last 5 years whether YouTube, MySpace or blogging sites like Huffington Post has brought those interactions and dialogue back into the front. We are now beginning to experience Democracy in the most direct and digital ways like it was envisioned to some extent by the founding fathers. The dialogue is front and center and the officials are listening to some extent, which will only increase as time goes on.

You can now use our site to call the President, Vice President, and your other elected officals from the site. You can blog your own thoughts on thousands, nee millions of outlets. You can organize in ways unheard of 10 years ago. You can take advantage of these tools to become a better and more informed citizen. Why are you not taking advantage of these tools? How come you just tune into your social media or your TV and watch these historic World changing events happen? The tools are there, and in our case are free, it is your turn.

Next: Part II

Why is Open Government so important?

Alan W. Silberberg

CEO You2Gov

Craigslist Founder Blogs about You2Gov in several places!

Political Power to Real People

Political Power to Real People

Craigslist Founder Blogs For Voter Participation

“The Web 2.0 entrepreneur spoofs popular Spanish soap operas to get his message out.

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark has been urging people to vote and take political action through his blog lately.He recently made a cameo appearance on a mini-English-language telenovela that spoofs the traditional and popular Spanish soap operas and urges people to register to vote. In La Pasion De La Decision, he plays a municipal clerk visited by a couple confused about where to register to vote and where to get married. Newmark has also blogged to express support for local and state candidates in his home state of California and his native state, New Jersey.

Newmark also uses the blog to point readers to useful political Web sites and pass on information gleaned in conversations with politicians. Last week, he explained to readers that congressmen have complained to him about mass form letters from people who fail to identify themselves as constituents.He directs readers to, which allows users to discuss political issues, find political news, and contact their representatives. The site allows writers to confirm their status as constituents by providing their name, mailing address, and ZIP code and share their views in their own words. It does not require authentication but it does prevent writers from overlooking details that tell elected representatives that the writer is someone who votes in their district and is therefore worth hearing out.

Newmark regularly appears at events designed to encourage political participation through technology. His blog postings aren’t limited to political topics. They also cover musings about Craigslist and apparently whatever is on Newmark’s mind when he sits down to write.”


Craig Newmark also blogged about You2Gov on his own blog,

and on the Huffington as well as The

Thanks Craig! Everyone at You2Gov humbly says thanks!

Re-posting of You2Gov CEO Alan W. Silberberg’s blog

Political Power to Real People

Political Power to Real People

Reposted in entirety from:


If the $800 Billion + Bailout was not enough, now we learn about the outrageous behavior of the just bailed out AIG executives. Let us all hope that the rest of the bailout money (our money) is not spent so extragavantly or so obviously “in your face”. The “Bailout Bush and Buddies Bill” of 2008 is in future years going to be seen as a total sham. The structural problems in the economy are all too real. But if the “bailout” money is going to secure multi-million dollar executive salaries rather than pension funds, unemployment funds, or re-training funds — then lots of questions need to be asked and they need to be asked now. While the current Congress is in action, we all need to continue to assert our rights as citizens and taxpayers for demanding the truth (truth in lending). We need to show the leaders that the outpouring of anger, angst and the almost meltdown of congressional phone and email servers was not a one time flash, but rather a hot fire on their collective behinds. These people just voted on all this money to “stabilize the financial system” but how many Members of Congress, Republican or Democrat can tell any of us what a derivative swap is, or a fractional loan value, or for that matter the difference between a mortgage backed security and a partially mortgage backed financial instrument? Do they know what they voted on besides fear? How many of them can actually tell us what would have happened if this bailout was not rushed but rather put through the Committee System, be subject to debate and critique from the media, from academia and from other Government agencies?

You2Gov designed tools to make all of us more informed, more powerful. If we have learned anything from these times filled with fear, both literal and imagined – it is that the only thing that matters now is oversight. Not the kind you hear bandied about by this and that Congress person or Senator. No, I mean the kind of oversight a manager effects on his staff, or the kind of oversight that a principal has with the teachers, or even better the kind of oversight the military practises on itself through the chain of command. In this case the chain of command ends with you and me. We are the owners of the United States, the people. There are little read documents, some people don’t even know what they are. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, If you have not read them lately or never have, now is a good time to catch up. One of the important things you will come away with is how seriously the Founding Fathers took the concept of “Power from the People, to the People.”

We all need to be that serious about this serious situation.

Startup Beat Highlights You2Gov

Political Power for Real People

Political Power for Real People

Startup Beat highlights You2Gov in it’s most recent blog posting which can be found here:

Thanks Brian. Everyone at You2Gov really appreciates this.

Also – You2Gov is undergoing changes related to our growth. So if you see something looking different or not where it used to be, it is due to ongoing enhancements to the site. Additionally, You2Gov will be announcing new features and tools in the next few days, so stay tuned for some very exciting news out of You2Gov.

You2Gov Founders Write Article for Huffington Post

Political Power for Real People

Political Power for Real People

Below is the text of the original Huffington Post article written by the Founders of You2Gov as it appears today on the Huffington Post. Please go to the original URL below to comment directly on this article. Thanks Arianna and David.

Bloggers Lead Media to Report McCain/Palin’s Campaign “Lies”

Can you imagine our buttoned-up mainstream media calling McCain and Palin “liars” had bloggers not exploded with that epithet over the past month, and proved it, lie by lie? With blogs leading the way, the MSM’s customary restraint fell away like scales from their eyes because gentlemanly “balanced” prose couldn’t adequately convey the truth, and because the stakes are so high.

The MSM knows their failure to call this spade a spade enabled GW Bush to bootstrap two lying campaigns into a profoundly dishonest administration that has disgraced and weakened our great nation. They don’t want to be patsies all over again. This time, it needs to be done right, and everyone recognizes just how high the stakes actually are.

This is yet another case of the Internet transforming our political processes. It has enabled citizen journalists to find wide audiences, unblocked by traditional media “gatekeepers. It has diluted the political influence of monied interests by raising overwhelming sums from millions of citizen contributors. It mobilized armies of partisans for political organizing and campaigning.

And it has significantly advanced the cause of finding the truth. While traditional media have disparaged blogs as being unreliable, that chaotic, unmediated world known as “the blogosphere” has led the way in ferreting truth from falsehood.

We think politically-oriented social networking is the next step towards democratizing our Republic. Micro-niche social networks are the wave of the future that is already casting its water upon our shores. By providing forums for citizens to test and compare their views, networking tools to enable like-minded people to cooperate in groups to effect change, extensive information resources for research and education, and communications tools to facilitate dialog with elected officials, networks like You2Gov will help break the stranglehold our traditional media and political parties have exerted on our great public discussions, reinvigorating our democracy.

Users of You2Gov actively utilize our tools to contact members of the House and Senate directly from the Internet during the financial crisis that is gripping the United States. There is extensive one to one dialogue and one-to-many dialogue occurring each day on multiple websites and social media like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogs and podcasts not to mention email and telephone. What is starting to develop is a cohesive currency of information, tested and verified, that is flattening our ability to achieve power plurality with our leaders. As time goes on, these tools will make each citizen a recognizable base of local power, much like companies and trade groups now enjoy.