You2Gov to show at NCSL

You2Gov Bringing Power to the People

You2Gov Bringing Power to the People

You2Gov CEO Alan W. Silberberg will be attending the NCSL (National Conference of State Legislators) annual meeting in New Orleans this week, and will be presenting new information to the Legislators and their staffs, as well as the Media and Press in attendance.

You2Gov is already linked to all 50 state legislatures, as well as to the U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives and is poised to provide seamless one touch communications with your elected officials at the State and Federal levels, and within weeks will be rolling out additional new features designed to make You2Gov your one stop place for all things social and political on the web.

We look forward to joining with all of the State Legislatures and the hard working people who work tirelessly in them for all of us, this week in New Orleans. Most importantly we look forward to showing these leaders from all across America, how You2Gov is quickly becoming the site to organize around issues and take action.

Do you want to shake a politicians hand?

Many people wonder why Iowa and New Hampshire play such an important role in American Politics. What many people don’t really fully appreciate is that it is the actual eye to eye and face to face communication that is so key to really understand.

The reason we all get so inundated with ads during election years, is that most of us live in states where there is no retail politics, only wholesale – mass barrage of information.

Maybe the Internet is helping to change the orientation from all wholesale, 24 hour media barrage to the handshake and eye to eye contact again, albeit electronically. In fact, the AP just ran a story about the numbers of Americans turning to the net to get deeper into politics.