Gov 2.0 L.A. Sponsorships and Tickets Available now

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting both sponsorships and ticket sales for Gov 2.0 L.A 2012, April 21, 2012. The complete list of confirmed speakers will be announced within a few weeks.

We have three levels of sponsorship, platinum, gold and silver. Individual tickets are priced at $75.00 which includes lunch and ensures an accurate head count. All sponsorship levels include some tickets and marketing and branding opportunities that vary per sponsorship levels. As in the past years, this event is user generated, both in terms of sponsorships and content. We rely on your sponsorships and ticket purchases to provide continuous live stream, HD videos and interaction from the internet before and during the event on a global scale. Gov 2.0 LA would not exist without your continued help and support.

Thank you, and use the link below to choose how many tickets or what level of sponsorship you want, and the checkout process is quite easily done.

Please go to Gov20LA and do it there:



Media Advisory, Government 2.0 Camp: Los Angeles, Feb 6-7, 2010

For more information: Alan W Silberberg,, +1310-467-9687

Craig Newmark, Antonio Oftelie, Cory Ondrejka, Lewis Shepherd, Christine Lu, Brian Humphrey, and many others To Address Gov 2.0, New Media Leaders At Gov 2.0 Camp LA, “Gov20LA”

February 4, 2010—Los Angeles, California and Washington, DC–With the announcement of the Obama Administration’s recent Open Government Directive, government agencies are increasingly turning to Web 2.0 technologies to help achieve the Directive’s goals of creating a transparent, interactive government. Agencies at the every level of government are developing creative ways to harness the the Web’s ability to deliver information and services to citizens more effectively. And at the free Gov 2.0 Camp LA, held February 5-7, 2010, Gov 2.0 thought leaders will gather in Los Angeles to discuss ideas and innovative ways to make Gov 2.0 initiatives more accessible to the public.

As the first West coast Government 2.0 un-camp, Gov 2.0 Camp LA is already attracting an impressive roster of speakers and attendees. Among other speakers, the camp will feature Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and Antonio Oftelie from Harvard University’s Leadership for a Networked World program. Government and new media leaders from local, state, and federal agencies, including the State Department, the USDA, the USGS, and the Port of San Diego have already registered to take part in the discussions. Attendees from the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries are slated to attend and will be able to provide a unique perspective based on their Gov 2.0 experiences in their own nations.

“The camp will give people the unique opportunity to network and connect with other people who are facing and overcoming similar Gov 2.0 challenges,” said Alan W Silberberg, CEO, You2Gov and organizer of Gov20LA. “It’s this kind of in-person, hands-on interaction that leads to great ideas being born and pioneering projects getting the kick start they need. And one of the outcomes of the Camp that we’re most excited about is the creation of a Government 2.0 Community Road Map and a language standard—we’ll be working on these collaboratively during the Camp with the idea that they can be shared among government agencies and the public, and will help us reach Gov 2.0 goals more quickly and easily.”

The goal of Gov 2.0 Camp LA is three-fold:
• Make the transformation of government known as “Gov 2.0” more accessible to the general public by improving and standardizing the language we use.
• Expand the implementation of Gov 2.0 by sharing practical advice, developing best practices, and solving common problems.
• Develop relationships and collaborative projects that persist beyond the Camp.

Gov 2.0 Camp LA is different because the format of the camp is a hybrid of a traditional conference and a Barcamp style “un-conference”. Half of the camp sessions will be generated by the community and voted on. The remaining half will be identified by the Planning Committee.

At the West Coast’s first Government 2.0 un-conference, taking place February 5-7, 2010, attendees shape the agenda. The Camp will occur at 5405 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. The camp will bring together social media professionals from local, state and federal government agencies, foreign governments, and representatives from the nonprofit, education, communications, media, and entertainment industries to discuss how to use social media technologies to make government more accessible and open to the public. Gold sponsors of the camp include Microsoft, You2Gov, Rock Creek Strategic Marketing, Fiji Water, Internet E-Business, and BLANKSPACES. For more information, or to register for the conference, visit


State of Economy, 2008

If you have ever read or seen a Russian LATA, this may mean more to you. But basically, this sums up the state of the U.S. Economy, circa 2008. The picture is courtesy of 3 toddlers who took the LATA apart in minutes and a mobile phone.  Note the wheels and hubcaps missing, as well as the engine. That about says it all.

State of U.S. Economy, 2008

State of U.S. Economy, 2008

Direct Democracy 3.0

Political Power for Real People

Political Power for Real People

You2Gov recently announced the release of Direct Democracy 3.0.

You2Gov stands ready to answer questions, or assist your organization in adopting Direct Democracy 3.0 and utilizing it’s power for your members or users.

Please contact us at

In support of this release the company is undertaking several Government 2.0 initiatives. You2Gov is planning on hosting an online open Government 2.0 discussion amongst experts, as well as informally advising Government officials in addressing social media needs.

In the future weeks, You2Gov will be making announcements about an International Consortium on Direct Democracy, as well as new client announcements. Keep your eyes on this spot for updates and new information.

#### Press Release ########

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — announced today it will offer its online advocacy tools, “Direct Democracy 3.0,” to organizations and businesses that want to transform their web sites into interactive communities where members can communicate with each other on a social network platform and contact their elected officials, among other things. The service was launched to help small businesses, non-profit organizations, trade associations and lobbying firms enhance their web sites by incorporating You2Gov’s technology that allows users to contact elected officials in a rapid, secure and private manner, as well as form online communities and stay up to date on relevant issues.

“We just watched the Obama campaign masterfully use the internet to raise record amounts of money, energize supporters, educate the public about the candidate, and get out the vote,” said Alan W. Silberberg, CEO of “In ‘Direct Democracy 3.0’, organizations have the same opportunity to use technology to more effectively work with their members and customers. Social networking and online advocacy tools change the entire dynamic for organizations by making advocacy simple and providing an online destination that members want to return to regularly. This is the future of communication and we are excited about partnering with businesses and non-profits to help them create online communities that result in a more engaged and active membership.”

You2Gov’s “Direct Democracy 3.0” advocacy tools include forums; a bulletin “blog” board for management to communicate with members; a calendar of events that management and members can add to; updated news and videos; a legislation research center that allows users to follow progress of legislation; a comprehensive action center where members can call, email or send letters to elected officials in Congress; and a back-end management program.

By using You2Gov’s technology, organizations can bring their members the same power of “instant communication” as major players in Washington, DC. You2Gov’s technology enables users to email, write, or call their representatives directly from their computer screen or PDA.

You2Gov –, a pioneering political social network, is one of the fastest growing political websites in America, and is on PC Magazine’s list of Best Political websites for 2008.

Thanks San Francisco Chronicle!

Giving Political Power to Real People

Giving Political Power to Real People

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote an excellent article on You2Gov today. It appears on Page G-4 of the Sunday edition.

Here is the link

Here is an excerpt:

“Now every American has the chance to one-up Paris Hilton,” said Alan Silberberg, CEO of, which just announced a contest for the best amateur political ads for Barack Obama and John McCain. The winner for each candidate gets a $1,000 prize, but even more valuable for the true believers would be the exposure on You2Gov – and the possibility that a commercial might go viral in the way of the devastatingly powerful and mysteriously sourced “Hillary 1984” Web-sensation video that evoked a famous Apple commercial from the 1984 Super Bowl. YouTube is stocked with videos for and against candidates. “Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger seized her 15 minutes of fame even before her preferred candidate was being castigated as a too-cool celebrity.”

A Beautiful Mind – At Last some Genuine Political Oratory

This is a classic American Oratorical exercise. A real speech, not a sound bite oriented micro-speech. One thing that Mr.Obama shares with Mr. Gore, is a tremendous capacity to use oratory and rhetoric the way it is both designed and usually practiced. It is something to see, whether on video like this, or in person. This is something that transcends politics as usual, and transcends party warfare. Good Orators are rare. Those who can pull heartstrings like a classical musician are even rarer.

Please show me a current republican with like oratorical skills – and I will be the first to post the video here!