Video Captures the Energy, Message of “Gov 2.0” LA

Wow. Totally amazing weekend. Thank you to all of the Sponsors of Gov20LA. Thank you to all the amazing speakers and panelists and citizens. You made this event so special. Thank you to all the people around the United States, England, Canada, Israel, France, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries who participated in the camp through the live videostream.

One of the key themes in this past weekend’s event was “Video is the New Text. ” Another is that the jargon and Language used in Government 2.0 “Gov 2.0” is holding us back. A third was the focus needs to be on People. Not Technology. Not Platforms. Not Data. But real (IRL) 🙂 People. The ones who agree, and the ones who disagree.

There was a lot of energy, and many comments to me were made about how smart everyone in the room was. Another take away was that most people came up to me and told me they were meeting people in the Government 2.0 “Gov 2.0” space who they had never met before.

Brevity is key.

Alan W. Silberberg, Founder, Gov20LA and Founder, CEO of Silberberg Innovations

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So With that, Luke Fretwell is one of the planning committee members of Gov20LA; a “Gov 2.0” Innovator, leader and Founder, CEO of GovFresh: He made this video:


GOV20LA Organizing Committee and More Information

Government 2.0 Camp: LA

Http:// – FREE to Individuals thanks to Sponsoring Companies.

You’ve been hearing rumors of some LA “Camp” thing. We are here to let you know that you don’t have to wait until Summer time for Camp! In order to get a dose of sunshine and inspiration Gov 2.0 Camp is moving out of the Beltway and off to sunny Los Angeles, CA. You may be asking, why take the Camp on the road, outside of the obvious reason of early Spring Break?

The first Government 2.0 Camp in Washington, DC was a great way to bring awareness to who is working on these issues and how to start working together. Now, that we know who’s who in the space, it is time to start including the rest of the community. That community is made up of people like you.

  • Government cannot hope to provide better services to our citizens, integrate social media and develop new ways of doing business without the help of the entire community.
  • When we talk about Government here, we aren’t just talking about the Federal Government.
  • We are talking Federal, State, local and international.
  • Yes, you heard right! This is all about contributing to finding better ways to make the world work.

It isn’t about one of us, but all of us as global citizens
What are we looking for? We’re looking for your ideas, your best practices and your creativity. We want you to bring your energy and enthusiasm for helping us figure out how we can modernize Government using social media. We are looking for ideas on:
• Continue implementing innovative solutions
• Leverage ideas and lessons learned from Non Profits, Education, other Governments, Non-Government Organizations and private companies
• Increase and support more women in technology
• Start the conversation across all levels of government and beyond
• Address the challenges of government – privacy, legal, records management, accessibility, copyright, creative commons, security and more!
• Provide insights in language use and how best to position transformational technology change.

Most importantly, we are looking for ways to help citizens better participate in Government. How can we empower them? How can we help their voices and opinions to be heard? How do we make Government and Government officials more accessible? How do we help people trust the job the Government is doing? We need your help to make this a reality!

Who Should Attend?
Any one who is interested in helping make governments better and who has an interest in social media.

Friday, February 5 – Sunday, February 7, 2010

The location of the Camp is still TBD. We are working on procuring a location in West Los Angeles.

Why Attend?
This will be the first time we have gone out of our way to practice what we preach and see real world applications in actual use. Come to Los Angeles to get a fresh perspective and to explore new ways of doing business.

Structure of the Conference:
This will not be like any other conference you have ever attended. We will be utilizing a hybrid of the bar camp format, traditional conference structure thus taking community interaction to the next level.

The Planning Committee will provide sub themes for the Camp (some of which have been highlighted above). We will select some speakers and panel sessions to meet some objectives of those sub themes. There is plenty of room for you to propose your own sessions and ideas.

In order to ensure we develop the right discussion, we will conduct community voting on all community submitted proposals. Space will be limited and number of slots per sub theme will be announced before the end of voting. Expect voting to begin in January 2010!

Now What?
Register to attend the Camp here. Determine if you or your organization would like to sponsor the Camp. Think about ideas you have for a session or if you have a recommendation for a speaker(s).

Still Have Questions?

Contact us at or on Twitter at @Gov20_LA . Also, don’t forget to ask your friendly Planning Committee member any additional questions you may have! They are here to ensure we provide the best camp experience ever!

Gov20LA Planning Committee:
Alan W. Silberberg, Lovisa Williams, Steve Ressler, Erin Kotecki Vest, Adriel Hampton, Sarah Granger, Jim Gilliam, Andrew Lachman, Greg Ferenstein, Lucretia Pruitt, Andrea Baker, Rich Greenberg, Luke Fretwell, Michael Walsh, Martha Mclean, Justin Herman, Mona Nomura, Chris Heuer, Meagen Ryan, Wayne Moses Burke

Citizen 2.0 Meets Government 2.0

This past week I had the opportunity to be amongst the leading thinkers in the Government 2.0 space at the Gov2.0 camp in Washington, DC. It was exhilarating to be amongst so many critical thought drivers and educators.

What did I come away with beside a deep satisfaction that all of the work that You2Gov has put into creating one of the first Open Government websites with the most cutting edge Government 2.0 tools being utilized is worth it?

The symbiotic balance required for the proper utilization of these tools and broad acceptance and implementation is a little like a marriage. The private sector is innovating ahead of the Government’s ability to handle such rapid change. The government sector is hungry to accept these new tools and begin the process of creating an Open Government Framework for both cleared (secure) communications and public (non secure) communications.

But these two very important aspects miss the other part of the Open Government triangle. The empowered Citizen who takes it upon themselves to both create and make use of tools to hold our Government accountable is now the Citizen 2.0. (Andrea Baker and Adriel Hampton have both written about Citizen 2.0 previously) But the proper discussion needs to revolve around the interplay between all three parts of this triangle. The People, Government, Industry.

We are looking at historic breakthroughs totally changing how we all communicate with our Government, and how our Government communicates with us. Yes, it is our Government. Lots of people seem to forget those memorable words of the U.S. Constitution: “Power to the People, by the People and For the People.” These are not some quaint old English usage of loose terms. The Founding Fathers were being explicitly specific in the choice, placement and use of these words. It is not for want, that Thomas Jefferson penned these words. They are based on a rational fear of imperial leadership, and a grounding that Democracy flows and happens when all participate.

So while all the big Government Contractors are trying to wrap their heads around what to sell next to Government; and while Government is struggling with how to define, capture and maximize these new technologies, the Citizen 2.0 is faced with a choice. One that is relatively new to our Oligarchic Democracy. This choice revolves around this concept: Does the Citizen 2.0 take an active role in our Democracy by using these playing field flattening tools, or does the Citizen 2.0 sit back and continue to watch, letting things happen in our Government that we would never allow to happen in our own households?

Alan W. Silberberg, CEO, You2Gov

You2Gov Live on BlogTalk Radio Gov20 Tonight. 8pm/pst.

You2Gov CEO, Alan W. Silberberg will be a guest on the newly launched Gov20 Radio show on Blog Talk Radio

Taking Gov 2.0 Live & Worldwide

March 15, 2009 by adrielhampton:

“Coming to BlogTalkRadio Monday night at 8 p.m. Pacific/11 Eastern:

GovLoop founder Steve Ressler and I talking Gov 2.0.

On this demo show, we’ll discuss the upcoming Gov 2.0 Camp “unconference” in DC, and my “Citizen 2.0” training kick-off in Dublin, CA. The regular live show tentatively will air weekly on Sundays, 2 p.m. Pacific/5 Eastern.

Scheduled guests include social media consultant Maxine Teller from the unconference, calling in from South by Southwest in Austin (we also hope to get uber-geek Andrea Baker, if she can pull herself away from SXSW), and Alan W. Silberberg, founder of You2Gov, talking about tools for citizen-led politics.

In the last 10 minutes or so of the 30-minute live show, we’ll be taking calls at (347) 539-5704

Hope you’ll join us!”