What is Global Citizenship? (via Athena’s Lightning – A blog by Lovisa A. Williams)

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What is Global Citizenship? The world is changing faster than most of us can possibly keep up with.  Technology is one of those drivers of change.  These changes can be scary, but they also present new opportunities for governments and other entities. One of the changes happening is people are becoming more connected to each other around the world in ways that weren't possible before.  Through the Internet, we are able to meet people from around the world and exchange ideas … Read More

via Athena's Lightning – A blog by Lovisa A. Williams


Gov 2.0 as Social Darwinism (via Alan W. Silberberg)

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So here it is. We are there. Where? Gov 2.0 as Social Darwinism Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. Recently the U.S. Federal Government has gotten into the "platform" business. A move I called for and therefore congratulate the GSA on. At the same time as people like Vivek Wadhwa are finding a "Goldmine of Opportunities in Gov 2.0" – there are significant forces at work to try to stop some of those very entrepreneurs from succeeding. The very co … Read More

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Catalysts for Change (via Athena’s Lightning – A blog by Lovisa A. Williams)

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Catalysts for Change For the past couple weeks I've been thinking about a comment Justin Herman made to me regarding his new colleagues.  The rough paraphrase was, "They are great people who are extremely knowledgeable, but they don't seem to be on the circuit."  This got me thinking about how the majority of people who work for or with the Government are the kind of dedicated workers who come in every day, work hard, are passionate about what they do, and don't get … Read More

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Flash Contracting and Gov 2.0 (via IdeaGov)

Republished from Silberberg Innovations Have you heard the one about the 13 year contract in the Federal Government in a large agency? No, really, they exist. Nice work if you can get it. But it is bad for the rest of us. Usually, I link out to lots of other blogs, stories, background, etc. This time – I am putting something out there. I call it "Flash Contracting." You have heard of flash mobs. You have heard of flash floods. Many businesses shi … Read More

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Why you should care if North Korea is on Social Media.

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The last few weeks have seen announcements about the Country of North Korea establishing a footprint on various social media channels. Then today, the North Korea Government tells the media, no they are not on social media. The Washington Post tweeted this, giving wiggle room to their own reporting on the issue.

This is not some simple question to be debated over coffee or through social media. There are serious, real world implications to not knowing the answer to this question. In the summer of 2009, many westerners got caught re-tweeting and resending material put out by the Iranian Government disguised as content created by the protesters in the streets of Iran.

My main point here is this: Obviously the social media tools exist. Obviously every leader worth their salt is looking at how to use/abuse/overwhelm through social media.

Our defense against a militaristic and paranoid regime that wants to use these tools is to be aware. Then we can monitor, track, disavow and disprove North Korea’s bullshit. If we do not take the steps to verify if these accounts are real, then the media and governments around the world are just asking for a repeat of last year’s issues with Iran and Twitter.

Social Media and Gov 2.0 are contact sports. (via IdeaGov)

Reposted from: Silberberg Innovations Social media is a contact sport. No doubt about it. People get bashed all the time. One only needs to look at the public timelines of Twitter or Facebook to see that. Having said that, specifically Gov 2.0 is a contact sport too. Write one off sounding blog or comment, and see how unforgiving the social media arena can be. Some people relish this and embrace it like a contact sport. Other people see the sharp … Read More

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Keeping it simple (via The Lab is open: John Moore’s Blog)

Keeping it simple Alan Silberberg, Founder and Chief Idea Dude of Silberberg Innovations and a true pioneer in the government 2.0 movement, was kind enough to share his thinking on why it is important to keep it simple.  This is one of the key concepts of The Social Ecosystem, of course, and I appreciate him taking time out of a very busy schedule to weigh in.   Note that I am an advisor for Silberberg Innovations but this role is in unrelated to Alan's thinking o … Read More

via The Lab is open: John Moore's Blog