2013 Speakers for Gov 2.0 L.A.

  1. Very pleased to announce confirmed speakers so far.. 4th Annual @Gov20LA April 20, 2013. #gov20 #gov20la #speakers t.co/zBP2Tpbp
  2. List members

    Exploring the use of Social Media, 28 years of Law Enforcement, Love My Family & Friends! Coordinate for . Opinions are my own.

    technophile, screenwriter & blogger &

    Official – Government 2.0 Hybrid Conference: LA. April 20, 2013 – http://www.gov20la.org – We bring the leaders to you.

    Entrepreneur, designer, dog lover & founder @ CallFire.

    CEO, Founder, Silberberg Innovations, Gov 2.0 L.A. Twain Group. Dad. Innovator and tech consumer.

    NASA HQ Social Media / Public Affairs, NY Mets baseball, books, history, boats, movies, SciFi geek

    The the Davenport Institute seeks to address California’s
    public problems by promoting citizens’ participation in governance.

    Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military
    veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response

    Geeky about egov, gov 2.0, music, coworking, parenthood, and gadgets. Tweeting more gov goodness over . Day job . Opinions are my own.

    CEO of The Intelligence Community LLC running The
    Intelligence Community group on LinkedIn with more than 26k members.
    Link with me at http://t.co/OrX5aT1q

    Political Branding Guru, Speech Consultant, Writer, Media Coach, and Micro-Gesture Analysis Doyenne.

    Changing the world via startups and eGov: Partner w/ – founding member and – CMO of

    PM/TAC Officer, CISSP. 
    Information Technology Management. 
    Speaker, Gov 2.0 LA. 

    My tweets are my own. 


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