Gov 2.0 is not a “Fail” – the opposite.

“Failing Fast” is becoming one of the latest business terms to stick for more than 15 milliseconds. As an entrepreneur and analyst, I think it is best to succeed, and work hard to do it. But – when you fail, do it fast. Get it over with, then get up, dust yourself off and do it another way till it works.

Make it work or fail fast.

Governments work at a glacial pace. Even in the Digital age in which we live. Here in the United States, social media is enhancing the speed of delivery of services as well as opening a world of data, information and facts to citizens across the Globe.

Sure there are some false starts. Sure there are some failures. But there are also pure success stories, building more and more each day. I talk to Governments and companies around the world every day. There is a huge level of increased awareness, combined with a huge level of activity. I contrast this with two years ago. There was no Open Gov plan for any Country. Two years later, now several countries either have plans or the plans are in the works. See my earlier post – “The Gov 2.0 World is Growing” for more on this rapid growth.

At the same time there are literally dozens of new Government services/Public Sector services Gov 2.0 oriented companies popping up every couple of months. The market is beginning to gel, to find itself.

So I respectfully ask the people at Gartner – Sorry, but WTF with your calling Gov 2.0 a “Fail”?
Seems wrong headed and a head in the sand call. Time will tell.


2 thoughts on “Gov 2.0 is not a “Fail” – the opposite.

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