The Mobile Gov 2.0 Influence

Mobility is the key. Government 2.0 and it’s namesake online “Gov 2.0” are already looking down the tunnel of version one – ie social media.

Version two is mobile. Mobile growth is explosive around the World. More and more people are using their mobile devices to become smarter, at least on the go smarter. Projected growth for mobile phones from the lowest phone only version to the smartest ones with “on-board life controls” is in the hundreds of percent over the next few years.

I have written about the Digital Divide many times.  The response has always been powerful. Why is this? Because it is a sensitive issue driven by fear of rich vs poor thinking. Unfortunately it’s true. As I have said before, a big part of the digital divide is now those “with smart phones” and those with “basic cellular” phones.  This is due to the increased mobility of our society as the continued economic realities around the world are changing living situations and human migration rapidly.

The person with the smart phone is able to go almost anywhere, find almost anything and be informed of alerts and information relative to their life no matter where they are. The person with the “basic” phone – or none at all does not. Pretty simple.

I caught a lot of grief for writing about the Social Darwinism of Gov 2.0 recently. Some people suggested I was loosely using a term I “did not seem to understand.” However, the economic situation is turning more and more of our society into us vs them/rich vs poor/smart info vs dumb or no info. I stand by what I wrote.

Just because the truth hurts does not mean it should not be told. The Mobile Gov 2.0 influence is already clear. Market leaders like and have been demonstrating that for a few years now. But there are a host of iphone apps and smartphone Gov 2.0 applications now available for download from dozens of companies. This past election showed the power of social media combined with mobile.

How many SMS messages were generated from a social media site visitation or share?

What percentage of the decision to vote was done through advanced, real time, mobile conversations flowing between campaigns and people’s pockets?

Think about that. Then think about how useful Government 2.0 applications become when the people, You 2.0, are in control – no matter where they are. This has huge implications on what is happening now, and what is to come in the next 18 months or so.

Look for the fusion of social media and mobility into Gov 2.0 in a real way. Look for how Government agencies start to be graded on their mobile access and Gov 2.0 access. Wait until the AARP or other large interest groups start issuing Gov 2.0 report cards along with the customary budgetary efficiency and policy effectiveness reports.


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