Gov 2.0 and Gov 3.0 Mashup.

The semantic web (Web 3.0) is coming to a Government 2.0 app near you!

In one of the first International Strategic Alliances in the Gov 2.0 / Gov 3.0 space, Silberberg Innovations is announcing our partnership with Bubbleideas, of Singapore. We are extremely excited about this collaboration and both companies will be seeing tremendous leverage arising out of the alliance.

Government 2.0 is taking the world by a storm. Citizen driven campaigns, open-source projects, large companies, smaller start-ups and even individuals are flocking around Gov 2.0, each tackling different set of problems and solving them with innovative little solutions. The eco-system is all set to push out a very new and unique format of Governance. The very approach brings us into thinking the future of the web: Semantic – where websites are dynamic applications that talk to each other, data is meaningfully connected and the aggregate of services offered over the web react optimally to actions from one platform to another. One such application that is path breaking the route for Government 2.0 & Enterprise 2.0 is BubbleIdeas (in beta) – the World’s first Semantic Collaboration Tool.

BubbleIdeas is designed to allow mass conversations between citizens and leaders. The way BubbleIdeas works is by opening enterprise scale terminals for celebrities, leaders or organizations which pull out the relevant conversations and ideas that would be worthwhile for the leaders to act upon. The terminals offer customizable HTML5 layouts with access to CSS and dashboard for more creativity by designers around the world. It boasts of features such as ‘protection of minority interest’, ‘multiple sortings’ and best of all – a simple straightforward ‘signup-less’ process to converse which ensures that no human is demotivated from participating.

BubbleIdeas is in many ways an opposite to Twitter, where broadcasting happens between bunches of people to celebrities, leaders or organizations. One of the founders of the company says “if you have a million followers on Twitter, it is easy to announce. But it is nearly as impossible to listen to what your followers have to say. BubbleIdeas is expected to change that, and complete the conversation loop between power-centers and followers”.

The company will provide access to “RDF” to developers for downstream work and integration per the prescribed international standards of semantic web and make all the public data “available” for meaningful linking outside of BubbleIdeas. “This would ensure interoperability and openness at a level desired by the semantic web, and perhaps align best with the objective of most Government & non-Government organizations – i.e. actionable transparency” said Arvind Nigam the CEO of Bubbleideas. He continues: “We are focused on matured markets, at this point of time. We have also opened a platform for social media experts to join the next wave of Government 2.0 and use our resources to do their bit in spreading the desired level of social skills to agencies and organizations.”

Silberberg Innovations is building a network of sales consultants around Bubbleideas Semantic Government 2.0 applications. As part of our commitment to excellence in Gov 2.0 we are providing a unique chance for top technology people to take a Web 3.0 platform to the market. During this time of economic strain, we are pleased to be able to empower job creation.