Venue for Gov20LA Confirmed.

Finally! A venue for Gov20LA! Everyone can now rest easy knowing you are in for one amazing experience!

Thanks to @blankspaces and Jerome Chang for allowing Gov20LA to descend on their space! We promise to take care of it!

We are really looking forward to this location, with high speed internet connectivity, two way video capabilities and a location on public bus lines, near a freeway and near Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Additionally, there is both a Starbucks, and a Staples within one block, and several bars, and restaurants as well.

TechZulu will be providing a video stream of the event. Thanks Efrem!

Hotel information will be posted tomorrow, as we are trying to lock in a block of rooms at a mid priced hotel and one at a higher end hotel to ensure most people are happy!

Thanks to Microsoft, O’Reilly Media, Govloop, Port of San Diego and RockCreekSM for being such awesome sponsors, as well as so many others and everyone working hard behind the scenes on the planning committee!

Also coming up will be a logistics blog and a social events calendar as well. Stay tuned for more on Gov20LA events and planning.Thanks for everyone’s patience on the venue selection, now the real fun begins!


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