What is Gov20LA All About?

What is Gov20LA all about anyways? Gov20LA is the name for the upcoming Government 2.0 Camp, Los Angeles, CA. February 5-7, 2010.

The Official Website was http://www.gov20la.org  Now: Full 2010 Gov20LA Videos: http://www.vimeo.com/gov20laedited June 2010.

Attendance is free for individuals – Sponsors will be covering.

The tagline for this camp is “This Year We Talked, Next Year We Act.” There are lots of critics out there who have asked what this means?

Very simply put – There are many great ideas floating around the Government 2.0 scene. There are some companies who are the clear innovators, while there are many others still in the “scratching their head” phase and trying to comprehend this massive societal change. There are already some great examples of leadership from individual companies as well as Government agencies. But we are in the infantile stage of this, and the growth and scale has not yet hit.

How is this a massive societal change? I mean, are we not just talking about some technology and new uses thereof? Of course the answer to this question is both far more intricate and broad than the question itself.

In reality, Government 2.0 is not just a definition, nor a platform, nor just new technology. In order for these changes to be widely accepted and integrated; those of us driving the Government 2.0 space need to look at culture change within Government and the Contracting Process. We need to be looking at the critical role being played by the Government workers in bringing changes to their agencies. And we need to examine the multi-lateral efforts throughout society to force these changes.

Gov20LA is about bridging all the tremendous excitement that we have all seen this year in the Government 2.0 Space, in the E-Government space and the Participatory Politics Space…into the next phase of practical action. We are looking to build off the tremendous success of the Government 2.0 Camp in Washington, DC in March, and of the Government 2.0 Expo and Summit as well as other related conferences and meetings in 2009.

To this end we have invited a broad cross section of technologists, entrepreneurs, government workers as well as people involved in the marketing of Hollywood such as Film and TV writers and producers. We are looking to find common language and themes to help force this bridging between the old and the new, between closed ways of doing business in Government and open ways.

At the Open Government and Innovations Conference this year, there was a compelling “group understanding”. The old ways of doing business for the Government is changing rapidly. The young are in the position, perhaps for the first time, of mentoring and training their elders. We are seeing a literal ground shift, it is already happening.

So with Gov20LA, we are looking for your participation, your ideas, and your insights into taking the Government 2.0 space to the next level and getting a broader buy-in across Government and society as a whole.

Join us! Continue driving the #Gov20 Revolution!

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Alan W. Silberberg


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