My involvement with #RTJOBS Movement

The other night I was having a mini conversation on Twitter with an analyst from Forrester Research. He was asking about what social media technology could be best used to help find people jobs. Creation of jobs cannot rest solely with the Government, nor can people wait for “Stimulus” money, no matter how much may be coming down the pipeline. We need to collectively come together as a society for the betterment of our Country. So those with jobs need to proactively help those without, it is a matter of the highest need, plus has positive karma effects too. Not to mention it only strengthens your own networking.

I suggested that people who have jobs to fill; put them out in Twitter using this #rtjobs– a name suggested by a Venture Capitalist also using Twitter, which is called a “hashtag” which enables it to become a stand alone subject within Twitter search functions. Now this may sound boring to the un-initiated, but it is a powerful device like Google.

We did this to help people in these trying times. Within hours, @technosailor had created this website to track all the Twitter users using the #rtjobs hashtag.

What started as a mini-conversation about how those of us who can help others – turned into a “movement” in less than 24 hours. Really.

Below I am going to give you directions on how best to use the #rtjobs hashtag for Twitter if you have a job to Fill and you use Twitter.

But before I do that – stop and think about what you just read above. Think about your own cause. Your own ” movement.” How can sites like You2Gov, which is a powerful user based online advocacy website that integrates group functions, sharing, “traditional” social media fare combined with online lobbying, bill tracking, and deep Federal resources to help you utilize these social media tools in getting the most reciprocity from your customers, constituents. What can other tools do for your cause? How are you going to supercharge your cause this year?

Directions for #RTJOBS:


2 thoughts on “My involvement with #RTJOBS Movement

  1. Hi,

    Check out, a tool developed to bookmark job posts discussed on twitter. This is entirely based on #rtjobs hashtag and uses some smart tricks to organize the job posts.


    ~ Railsbob

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