You2Gov featured in 3rd Blog Article in less than 3 weeks!

Today a Canadian Blog, “The Social Bureaucrat” wrote a Blog article about You2Gov in part. This marks the Third Blog done as a result of Twitter about You2Gov in as many weeks. This is an exciting and challenging time for the U.S. and the World. It is fascinating to see the impact of something like You2Gov on Foreign Governments and on Foreigners who visit the site. Many simply cannot imagine something like You2Gov in their country, especially in Third World and non-Democracies.

Many people are astounded that You2Gov has done what we have in a short time period with a small amount of resources. But it points to the massive migration of Information onto the Interweb and dispersed through blogs, forums, rss feeds etc. We are able to provide the information we do, and connect your to your elected representatives at the State and Federal levels because of this migration of information. This is just the beginning, a garden sprinkler versus a firehose. As more information becomes available, more and more uses or “mash-ups” will become easier to accomplish quickly. Government Agencies in the United States are all “on the Internet” but are just now learning what to do there and how to make information become useful. We aggregate those sources and combine them with the action tools necessary to become a full power Citizen 2.0.

@Meznor Is a Canadian who is authored this blog piece, and everyone at You2Gov says thanks from below the Border!


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