You2Gov featured in Second Blog in a week

Julie Pippert wrote a blog piece on Momocrats today that was inspired by a Twitter conversation I had this morning based on some articles I posted here on You2Gov earlier today and earlier this week.
As I have mentioned I used Twitter quite often to discuss items on You2Gov and elsewhere in the media. For the second time in a week, one of my Twitter discussions was turned into a blog posting here.
This one was inspired through a series of articles we have been posting here on You2Gov about whether or not Texas Board of Education members will vote to start teaching Evolution alongside Science.
I weighed in with some minor commentary on the issue after posting a few articles here on You2Gov and on Twitter.

It is fascinating to see how fast little micro conversations that occur as instant messaging, SMS messaging, Direct Messaging or micro-blogging inspire others to react and act in ways far different than those originally posited by the initial conversations.


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