Direct Democracy 3.0

Political Power for Real People

Political Power for Real People

You2Gov recently announced the release of Direct Democracy 3.0.

You2Gov stands ready to answer questions, or assist your organization in adopting Direct Democracy 3.0 and utilizing it’s power for your members or users.

Please contact us at

In support of this release the company is undertaking several Government 2.0 initiatives. You2Gov is planning on hosting an online open Government 2.0 discussion amongst experts, as well as informally advising Government officials in addressing social media needs.

In the future weeks, You2Gov will be making announcements about an International Consortium on Direct Democracy, as well as new client announcements. Keep your eyes on this spot for updates and new information.

#### Press Release ########

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — announced today it will offer its online advocacy tools, “Direct Democracy 3.0,” to organizations and businesses that want to transform their web sites into interactive communities where members can communicate with each other on a social network platform and contact their elected officials, among other things. The service was launched to help small businesses, non-profit organizations, trade associations and lobbying firms enhance their web sites by incorporating You2Gov’s technology that allows users to contact elected officials in a rapid, secure and private manner, as well as form online communities and stay up to date on relevant issues.

“We just watched the Obama campaign masterfully use the internet to raise record amounts of money, energize supporters, educate the public about the candidate, and get out the vote,” said Alan W. Silberberg, CEO of “In ‘Direct Democracy 3.0’, organizations have the same opportunity to use technology to more effectively work with their members and customers. Social networking and online advocacy tools change the entire dynamic for organizations by making advocacy simple and providing an online destination that members want to return to regularly. This is the future of communication and we are excited about partnering with businesses and non-profits to help them create online communities that result in a more engaged and active membership.”

You2Gov’s “Direct Democracy 3.0” advocacy tools include forums; a bulletin “blog” board for management to communicate with members; a calendar of events that management and members can add to; updated news and videos; a legislation research center that allows users to follow progress of legislation; a comprehensive action center where members can call, email or send letters to elected officials in Congress; and a back-end management program.

By using You2Gov’s technology, organizations can bring their members the same power of “instant communication” as major players in Washington, DC. You2Gov’s technology enables users to email, write, or call their representatives directly from their computer screen or PDA.

You2Gov –, a pioneering political social network, is one of the fastest growing political websites in America, and is on PC Magazine’s list of Best Political websites for 2008.


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