Killerstartups Highlights You2Gov!

Political Power for Real People

Political Power for Real People

Below is Killerstartups Highlight of You2Gov from 8/21/08

Thanks!!! – Power To The People

The foundation to any democracy is its people. Over at you’ll be able to find the latest news, information, and social networking tools, which will allow you to become a more conscious citizen. By informing people about the many things going on with American politics, the site allows everyone who wants to become a part of the political landscape of the United States to make informed decisions. The site’s forum will allow you to share your opinions with other users of the site. It’s interesting to see some of the discussions, as some are really long and thoughtful. The calendar will allow you to keep track of important political events taking place in your area. There are links to other similar sites, in which you’ll be able to learn more about politics as a whole. Over all, the site should become a great resource for politically oriented Americans who want to know more about their system.



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