Thanks San Francisco Chronicle!

Giving Political Power to Real People

Giving Political Power to Real People

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote an excellent article on You2Gov today. It appears on Page G-4 of the Sunday edition.

Here is the link

Here is an excerpt:

“Now every American has the chance to one-up Paris Hilton,” said Alan Silberberg, CEO of, which just announced a contest for the best amateur political ads for Barack Obama and John McCain. The winner for each candidate gets a $1,000 prize, but even more valuable for the true believers would be the exposure on You2Gov – and the possibility that a commercial might go viral in the way of the devastatingly powerful and mysteriously sourced “Hillary 1984” Web-sensation video that evoked a famous Apple commercial from the 1984 Super Bowl. YouTube is stocked with videos for and against candidates. “Obama Girl” Amber Lee Ettinger seized her 15 minutes of fame even before her preferred candidate was being castigated as a too-cool celebrity.”


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